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ASsssAssssssssssssIndependent Spiritualist Church, Ashley, OH

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A Christian Church founded to worship God and to honor our guardian angels.
Rev. Cindy Berkshire, Pastor

We have dedicated our chapel to the service of God and Spirit and to the teachings of Jesus, the Christ, as contained in the Holy Bible. Our principals are based on the teachings of our Spirit Teacher, White Lily who brought us the truth and knowledge of the Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of man and  that life is continuous, therefore removing the fear of death.
Services and Activities

Our doors are always open to anyone wishing to attend any of our services and/or activities throughout the week. Please see the Schedule/Calender for more detailed information.

Inspirational Study Class: Sunday, 9:30am

Full Worship Service: Sunday, 11am

Weekly Songfest: Wednesday, 1:30pm

Public Dinners: Wednesday, 2pm to 7pm

All Message Service: Wednesday,  8pm

Declaration of Principles:

We believe in Infinite Intelligence.

We believe that the phenomena of nature, both physical and spiritual, are the expression of Infinite Intelligence.

We affirm that a correct understanding of such expression and living in accordance therewith constitute true religion.

We affirm that the existence and personal identity of the individual continue after the change called death.

We affirm that communication with the so-called dead is a fact, scientifically proven by the phenomena of Spiritualism.

We believe that the highest morality is contained in the Golden Rule: "Whatsoever ye would that others should do
unto you, do ye also unto them."

We affirm the moral responsibility of the individual and that he makes his own happiness or unhappiness as he
     obeys or disobeys Nature's physical and spiritual laws.

We affirm that the doorway to reformation is never closed against any human soul, here or hereafter.

We affirm the precept of Prophecy contained in the Bible is a divine attribute proven through Mediumship.

Located At

White Lily Chapel
20 South Main Street
Ashley, OH 43003


(740) 747-2233


White Lily Chapel

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Gahanna, Ohio
Rev. Steve Clevenger