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White Lily
Who is White Lily?

On October 15, 1949 in Ashley, Ohio, a spirit teacher named White Lily spoke directly from the spirit world through the trance mediumship of the Rev. Margaret Fling.  White Lily was a native American Indian girl, about 20 years of age when she went into the spirit world and has been in the spirit world for many centuries.  She is a highly developed teacher whose chosen purpose was to establish the foundation of the church, White Lily Chapel and followers, through her teachings from the higher realms of spirit.

She is a loving teacher and we would like to share her with you through her lectures. Here,  you will find a selection of her lectures that will provide a full understanding of our religious beliefs.  In addition, two collections of her teachings, Rays of Light and Rays of Love,  have been published for a nominal cost.

White Lily's Lectures

God's plan

Going Home

The Power of Prayer



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