White Lily Chapel

ASsssAssssssssssssIndependent Spiritualist Church, Ashley, OH

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About Us

Full Worship Service:
Sunday, 11am

The full worship service includes, an inspirational lecture with
Bible scripture, healing meditation and messages brought from
the spirit world.

Inspirational Study Class: Sunday, 9:30am
During the inspirational study class, lectures from our Spirit
Teacher, White Lily are read with open discussion.  Time is set aside for those wishing to develop their own psychic awareness. The class concludes with a healing circle.

Weekly Songfest: Wednesday, 1:30pm             
The White Lily Gospel Singers present the weekly songfest,
consisting of many old time gospel favorites, which are enjoyed by our dinner guests who are invited to sing along.

Public Dinners: Wednesday, 2pm to 7pm            
In order for us to demonstrate our service to others and
financially support our church, we offer a full dinner for a nominal cost of $5 for adults and $3 for children.  All of the food is prepared in our kitchens by volunteers and consist of a different weekly meat entree, mashed potatoes, hot vegetable, choice of salad, rolls, drink, and of course our famous pies.  We also offer a wide selection of baked goods at our Bazaar.  For weekly dinner menus, please see "Schedule/Calendar".

All Message Service:
Wednesday,  8pm
Our message service is an opportunity for us to demonstrate
the understanding of continuous life by communication with our
spirit loved ones, guides, teachers, and healers, thus removing
the fear of death.  These messages are brought to all those who
attend this service.

The White Lily Chapel Gospel Singers:
The White Lily Chapel Gospel Singers provide inspirational music for the Sunday worship services and the Wednesday all message services, each week.  As well as a gospel songfest every Wednesday afternoon prior to the Wednesday public dinner.    The White Lily Chapel Gospel Singers perform old-time gospel music with much enthusiasm, encouraging their audiences to sing along. 
   Over the past 30 years the White Lily Chapel Gospel Singers have performed at many fairs, music in the parks,weddings, funerals, anniversaries, and special events.

A brief history of our beginnings:
White Lily Chapel was founded by the Rev. Margaret Fling, Pastor, and the Rev. Richard Heimlich, Assistant Pastor. Through the developed trance mediumship of Rev. Margaret Fling, a class was started in Rev. Fling's home in approximately 1949.  This class was taught by White Lily, a spirit teacher, through direct voice. Soon Rev. Fling's home became too small for the attendance.  The township hall in Ashley was rented for two nights a week for services. We began to provide pot luck dinners on Sundays and charged 75 cents for adults and 50 cents for children to defray our rent expense.

On December 2, 1952, The White Lily Chapel was chartered with the National Spiritualist Association (NSA).  In 1953 we purchased a building in Ashley that had been a factory at the time.  Originally, it was "the Old Opera House". It was
remodeled into our church with dining room and kitchen, where we started providing Wednesday dinners for the public at $1.00 for adults and 50 cents for children.

Soon we outgrew that dining room so we built a large room onto it.  We used this room, in the beginning, as a recreation room for the community to use.  We held square dances every Saturday, euchre parties on Monday and basketball and skating activities other times. Eventually we needed more room for the dinners, so we changed the recreation hall into two dining rooms with another kitchen.

Later we left the NSA and established a charter with the State of Ohio on May 1, 1963.

Our church burned on March 17, 1980.  Through the teachings and direction of White Lily and our spirit guides, we rebuilt our church on the same property and opened March 1981 to continue to serve God.

Ordained Ministers and Working Mediums:
White Lily Chapel has 4 ordained ministers and 7 working mediums.  They participate in the Sunday and Wednesday services by delivering lectures, conducting healing meditations, laying on of hands and spirit messages. Private readings are available upon request.

Please enjoy some pictures in our photo album.